Ko-Kwel Wellness Center-Eugene

The Ko-Kwel Wellness Center-Eugene is preparing for a remodeling that will create space for primary outpatient medical care. The tentative timeline calls for work to begin sometime in February 2021, with a grand opening in June 2021.

The clinic will be part of the Coquille Tribe’s Health and Wellness Division, working in conjunction with the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center-Coos Bay, which currently is under construction in the tribe’s Kilkich community near Charleston.

The two clinics are designed with similar floor plans and decor, giving patients a similar experience at both facilities. A specific space will be dedicated to caring for COVID -19 patients.

How the building looks today, before remodeling

Finding us

KWC-Eugene is located at 2401 River Road, in the Santa Clara area. (We share the building with Gentle Dental, Axis Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, and Willamette Valley Mammography. ) The building is in the shopping plaza at the corner of  River Road and Division Avenue, about midway between Albertsons and Fred Meyer.


Who is eligible to be seen at KWC Eugene? 

Initially, all members of federally recognized tribes will be eligible to sign up for care.  Eventually, non–Native patients may be accepted as our capacity allows.

How many primary care providers (PCPs) will KWC-Eugene have?

Initially, the clinic will have one Family Nurse Practitioner.  A second PCP will be added as the patient population expands.

When can I register to be a patient?

Registration opportunities will occur around May 1, 2021.

What services are available now?

The Tribe is providing limited COVID-19 testing and vaccines to eligible populations.

Contacting us

For information about KWC Eugene and our expansion plans, please contact Mark Johnston at