Coquille Indian Tribe
Summer Intern Program for College Students

The Coquille Indian Tribe offers up to 5 college summer intern positions that are available to Tribal Member college students that have successfully completed a minimum of one year at college. The Summer Intern Program is designed to bring Tribal students back to the Tribal Community to learn, participate, contribute and engage in the many functions of Tribal administration and the programs and events sponsored by the Tribe.

The Summer Internship program offers 11 weeks of internship experience, with start and end dates based on the student's college schedule. Schedules may vary to meet individual needs. Most internships run late June to early September. Summer Interns will be paid an hourly wage of $10.50 an hour for 40 hour work weeks. Preference will be given to Junior and Senior level students.

The Coquille Indian Tribe, through its Education Department, is looking to offer a variety of internship opportunities in the following areas:

  1. Camp Ta Nae and Events Support, Education Department, Coos Bay, Oregon
  2. Ko-Kwow Arts, Design, and Exhibition Intern, Ko-Kwow, LLC, Coos Bay, Oregon
  3. Business and Facilities Intern, Bear Creek Golf Course, Medford, Oregon
  4. Legal Intern, Coquille Tribe Administration Legal Department, North Bend, Oregon
  5. Cultural Resources and Tribal Member Services Intern, Coquille Tribe Administration and Field Work, North Bend, Oregon
  6. Natural Resources Inventory Intern, in the Land, Resources, and Environmental Services (LRES) Department and Field Work, North Bend, Oregon
  7. Information Technology (IT) Intern, Coquille Tribe Administration, North Bend, Oregon

If you are an interested student and do not see an internship that supports your educational and career goals, please contact the Education Director to discuss other possibilities. Depending on the internship placement, there may be opportunities offered to support the various cultural and Tribal summer activities hosted by the Tribe.

Housing in Coos Bay may be available at no cost, depending on eligibility, for students who live out of Coos County and are placed in an internship in the Coos Bay-North Bend area.

Summer Internship Job Descriptions and Applications are available on the Tribal Website, under Departments, Human Resources. The hiring of interns is completed through the Human Resources Department. All interns must be able to pass a Criminal Background check, pre-employment drug-screen, and hold a valid driver's license with no insurability issues, prior to hiring.

The deadline for applications is the third Friday of May. If you have questions, please contact Bridgett Wheeler, Education Director at (541) 756-0904 or (800) 622-5869. We look forward to hearing from you!