Patient Complaints

Patient Complaints

It is the Policy of the Community Health Center (CHC) to be receptive to Client complaints regarding services rendered by the center.  CHC will endeavor to resolve the complaint and to incorporate lessons learned from the complaint into improved care.

  • The CHC will attempt to resolve any complaint in the most expedient manner possible to the satisfaction of the Client.
  • The CHC will attempt to resolve any complaint at the lowest level possible.
  • The CHC will ensure that no retaliation occurs towards the Client, and that there is no disruption of care, as the result of filing a complaint against CHC or any associated member of CHC.


  • Patients are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the immediate staff person.
  • If no resolution can be established, you, or any person acting on behalf by your request, will be asked to complete the CHC Complaint Form. Any staff member of CHC will assist you in completing the form if you need assistance.
  • Complaint Forms are available in the CHC Lobby.
  • An investigation will be made into your complaint and a response will be made within 72 hours of receipt of your Complaint in accordance to CITCHC privacy standards on confidentiality and the CITCHC Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Documentation of the Complaint and the Response shall be made part of the client’s clinical record.


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