3.361 Special Grant Cycle

Want to Apply?

A Note from the Community Fund Board

Before submitting an application, keep in mind that many excellent proposals cannot be funded.  Please consider how your program fits into our guidelines.

Should your project be funded, please keep in mind that this is a one-time grant.  Though you are eligible to apply annually, future funding is not guaranteed.

Special 2021 Grant Cycle

Please note that the process and goals of this year’s special grant cycle differ from the tribal fund’s usual  format. Changes include:

  • Grants will be awarded for projects and programs specifically related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each applicant must detail how the organization has been affected by the pandemic and how the proposed grant relates to COVID-19.
  • The application period will extend from March 1 through March 31. Grants are for organizations and agencies in Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson and Lane counties.
  • Letters of inquiry, the usual first step in the tribe’s annual grant cycle, will not be part of this year’s process. Instead, an application form will be available on this website starting March 1.
  • Organizations planning to apply should register here. If your group registered previously, please make sure all information is up-to-date.
  • Award decisions will be made in mid-April.

For more information,  contact Community Fund Administrator Jackie Chambers at jackiechambers@coquilletribe.org or (541) 756-0904, ext. 1201.

The tribe plans to launch its next regular annual grant cycle on Sept. 1, 2021, as usual.


Grantee Requirements

  • Your application must for at least $1,000. There is no upper limit to what you can request, but our Board of Trustees will make the final determination on funding. Average grants range from $1,000-$10,000.
  • You must return any funds that remain unspent at the end of the grant period, or if we determine you have in accordance with the grant agreement and approved program budget.
  • If you want to make changes that will materially alter the scope, timeline or nature of the project for which the grant was awarded, you first must submit a written request to modify the grant. Please send your modification to the Community Fund Administrator.
  • You must allow site visits by members of the Community Fund board upon request.
  • You must document the progress made toward project goals.  A final report is due once all funds have been used and the project has been completed.  An interim report will be requested if the project is not completed after one year.


Applying Online

If you are a returning user, or if you need to create an applicant profile, please click here to log in.

We have begun creating a digital record of past grantees. If you have received a grant from us in the past, some information about your group may already be recorded. If you are unsure about whether a profile already exists for your organization, please e-mail or call us.

If you encounter difficulties or have questions, please contact:

Jackie Chambers, Fund Administrator

(541) 756-0904. ext. 1201