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About Working for the Tribe

Some basic information about employment at the Coquille Indian Tribe:

500-plus jobs  – The Coquille Indian Tribe employs more than 100 people in its Administration, Health Center, Community Center and Gaming Commission. The Mill Casino Hotel employs more than 400 people. Additional jobs are available with other Tribal entities.

Tribal Preference – Tribal and Indian Preference will apply in accordance with Tribal Code. All applicants are required to submit evidence showing they are eligible in order for preference to be applied.

Background Check – Any candidate offered employment must pass a criminal and character background check.

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace – We are committed to a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace. Our policies reflect our desire for a work environment that is safe, healthy and productive for all employees and protects the Tribe’s economic security, its members, and the general public. Each candidates offered employment must pass a pre-employment drug screen as well as a criminal and character background check.

Marijuana – For employment purposes, the tribe does not consider THC a prohibited substance for anyone over the age of 21, however being impaired by THC (or any other substance) while at work is not allowed regardless of age. If an employee works in a position that is funded by an agency or contract that prohibits THC then that employee shall be required to abstain from consuming any substance that would result in a positive THC result.

Applying – We encourage you to submit your resume and college transcripts (if applicable) along with your application for a posted position.  (We do not accept unsolicited applications if no job has been posted.)

Questions? Please contact Human Resources with any questions concerning our employment opportunities:

Phone: (541) 756-0904
Fax: (541) 756-0847
 Find Us  — The Coquille Indian Tribe’s Administration Office is directly across the street from The Mill Casino-Hotel at 3050 Tremont St, North Bend, OR 97459.

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