Are You Coquille?

Are You Coquille?

Do you think you might be a Coquille Indian? Here’s how to find out:

  • Were you named on the official Tribal membership roll established by the Coquille Indian Restoration Act?
  • Are you descended from a member of the Coquille Indian Tribe?

If you answer “yes” to either question, you may qualify for membership. We’re eager to reconnect with our family members who have been separated from us. To contact us and learn more about Tribal membership, click here.

If you decide to apply for official membership, you’ll be asked to provide at least one document establishing ancestry and parentage, such as a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, court decree or notarized acknowledgement of paternity.  Additionally, we require DNA testing to show kinship with current Tribal members.

Please understand that we mean no disrespect to any applicant.  Our Tribal Constitution and Enrollment Ordinance require our Enrollment Committee to gather evidence of ancestry, in order to make a knowledgeable decision that will affect your future and the future of our Tribe.

For general information about determining American Indian ancestry, click here.