Tribal Court

Tribal Court

Welcome to the Coquille Indian Tribal Court system. The Tribal Court’s purpose is to provide for the administration of law, justice and judicial procedures of the Coquille Indian Tribe.  As a sovereign nation, the Coquille Tribe exercises its inherent power to make, execute, apply and enforce its own laws and the laws of other sovereigns through its Tribal Court system.

Chief Judge: Melissa Cribbins
Court Clerk: Denise Hunter ([email protected])

3050 Tremont Blvd., North Bend, OR 97459

Phone: (541) 756-0904, ext. 1220; or (800) 622-5869
Fax: 541-751-1178

(Tribal Court office hours vary. If you leave a voicemail, the Court Clerk will return your call as soon as possible.)


Tribal Constitution and Ordinances  




Nissen v. CEDCO
Forms and Samples
Application and Order for Admission to Practice  For use by attorneys. There is no bar admission fee.
Complaint (sample form with instructions) For use by plaintiff (party filing case). No filing fee required.
Proof of Service (must be notarized) For use by process server.
Answer (sample form) with guidelines/instructions For use by defendant (party against whom case is brought). No filing fee required.
Plaintiff’s Exhibit List For use by defendant.
Writ of Garnishment

Petition for Writ of Garnishment

For use by creditor or plaintiff.
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage For use by petitioner and respondent.

Notebooks containing Tribal Ordinances/Law by chapter can be viewed at the Tribal Court Library, the Tribal Court Office or in the Legal Department, all at 3050 Tremont St, North Bend, Ore.

Notice to all parties:  The Court Clerk is not licensed to practice law and is not permitted to give legal advice on any legal matters or accept fees for legal advice.  The Court Clerk is not permitted to assist parties in preparing any legal documents, other than to provide a party with a “sample” form provided by the Court.  Any party needing assistance in preparing legal documents should consult an attorney.