Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Land Use Plans

The Coquille Tribe worked from 2016 to 2019 to establish a comprehensive land use plan, in a project funded by the Administration for Native Americans Social and Economic Development Stategies (ANA-SEDS).  The completed plan, titled “K’vn-da’ Xwvn-de’ Yesterday & Tomorrow 2040 Comprehensive Plan,” was adopted by the Tribal Council on Sept. 12, 2019.

K’vn-da’ Xwvn-de’ is a tool, based on information from the past, to help the Tribe understand what needs to be done to be successful in the future. It is a living document, intended to adapt with the Coquille people over time. It contains a community’s vision, goals and objectives. By understanding the plan, everyone can participate and play a part in the Tribe’s success.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2019

Land Development Ordinance (315) and Zoning Map

Empire Properties

In July 2018, the Tribal Council adopted a comprehensive plan for the Coquille Tribe’s properties in the Empire area, southwest of the city of Coos Bay.  The plan’s primary focus is on properties located near Cape Arago Highway, including the Kilkich Reservation.

Empire Comprehensive Plan

The Tribe’s Vision

“We are a proud, powerful and resilient people, a sovereign nation, whose binding thread is our Coquille identity. In the footsteps of our ancestors we celebrate.”

With this as its vision, the Tribe guarantees to its membership and the community that comprehensive planning will include sustainable land use. The Tribe desires to offer Tribal members, staff and the visiting public the opportunity to walk and bike where they need or want to go on Tribal lands.