Tribal Council

About the Tribal Council

The Tribal Council is the governing body of the Coquille Indian Tribe. As elected representatives, the Council exercises all legislative authority except that which is vested in the General Council. (See tribal Constitution, Article III.) The Tribal Council passes laws and sets the overall agenda for the development of programs to serve tribal members and their families. The Tribal Council also approves resolutions on matters of temporary interest and adopts ordinances on matters of general and permanent interest to members.

The Tribal Council ensures that all legislative, judicial, and executive functions of the Tribe are carried out and that all tribal members are accorded the opportunity to participate in the programs, activities, and economic resources of the tribe.

There are seven positions on the council: Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, Chief, and three Representatives. All positions are elected by a majority vote of tribal members 18 years and older.

Contacting Tribal Council

To contact the Coquille Tribal Council, please call our Executive Management Coordinator, Kay Collins, at (541) 756-0904, or email her.