Compensation Study RFP

The Coquille Indian Tribe is soliciting bids from qualified firms to examine existing job descriptions, total compensation, and salary schedules to ensure tribal employees are compensated competitively.

See the Request for Proposals (RFP) here


Vendor questions and responses

1. When was the last time the Tribe updated its job position

Anytime there is a job vacancy we review the job description
to see if there have been changes since it was last updated. We will also
review job descriptions if there are concerns about wage equity between staff
or if we are not appropriately compensating an existing employee. We estimate that 80% of our job descriptions have been updated in the past two

2. Does the Tribe have updated organizational charts for
each department it can share with the compensation consultant?

Absolutely. When the vendor is selected they will be
provided with an org chart that shows hierarchy of the departments, staff
titles and employee name.

3. What HRIS is the Tribe using?

We transitioned to Paylocity at the end of 2021.

 1. How many position titles are there?

We currently have 121 position titles. There are roughly 12 additional titles that are either currently vacant, or we will begin recruiting for in the next few months.

  1. When was the last update Coquille had to their structure?

After tremendous growth in Health and Wellness (new building with additional jobs and available services in 2021/2022), we undertook a fairly significant restructure. We moved Health and Wellness into a separate division and added some leadership positions. There are still some titling issues that are remnants from our previous structure. These will need to be addressed.





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