Vaccine Distribution Guidelines

The Coquille Indian Tribe’s COVID-19 Vaccination Workgroup, made up of tribal administration and staff members, has identified Phase 1 distribution guidelines based on two criteria:

  1. Coquille Indian Tribe employees engaged in direct, mission-essential services to the Tribal membership and critical to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. This category includes the following:
  • Medical clinic and pharmacy staff
  • Other essential staff designated by the tribal Health and Human Services Director as critical to vaccine distribution.
  1. Coquille Indian Tribe Elders and spouses 55+ who reside in the five-county service area and have high or moderate risk medical conditions, with a priority on the oldest members and spouses.

High-risk tribal members and spouses within the tribe’s service area will be contacted by CIT staff to coordinate vaccination dates.

Watch this website for updates about the COVID-19 vaccination process.

For specific questions relating to the Coquille Tribe’s COVID-19 Vaccination Phase 1 Distribution, please email [email protected].

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