COVID questions from members

If you have a specific question about the vaccine and cannot find the answer in the FAQ’s or other information, you can email your question to or contact Health and Human Services Director Kelle Little at (541) 297-0341.


When will Elders residing outside the service area (OSA) be offered the vaccine?

The tribe’s COVID-19 Task Force will be presenting a resolution to the Tribal Council which defines the next phase of vaccine eligibility.  Adding Elders/spouses who reside outside of the service area and can travel to one of the vaccine locations in Oregon will be one of the categories included in the proposal.  The resolution will be considered on Jan. 14.

Can tribal members sign up for the Vaccine?

Not at this time as CIT is in Phase 1 of the vaccine delivery which is limited to 100 doses. CIT staff will be phoning Elders to be scheduled first.

When will the next doses of Covid-19 vaccine be available to tribal members?

The tribe is waiting for information on the next shipping date of the vaccine. Once we know the date, amount, and related information, it will be shared on the Covid-19 vaccination page on

Are unmarried domestic partners of tribal members eligible for vaccination?


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