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Plankhouse Maintenance

Log End Maintenance

February 2024: This week, the final phase of the Plankhouse log end dry rot remediation project will be completed. Workers will be onsite and put up a temporary cover over the log ends so they can dry out and provide a working space for the crew to do the following:

  • Insert borate rods into log ends to help reduce moisture in the log ends
  • Coat log ends with wood hardener
  • Seal the log ends
  • Install copper log end caps
  • Install chinking where the logs enter the building to reduce moisture entering the building

By end of day Friday, February 9, this work should be completed, the area cleaned, and the temporary cover removed.

Previous update: Starting Monday, December 4, 2023, the Plankhouse will be undergoing some maintenance to remediate dry rot issues on the log ends.  This work is scheduled to be completed by end of day Wednesday December 6, 2023. We understand the sensitive nature of the Plankhouse and are working to maintain its integrity for many years to come.

Log End Update

The phase 1 of the Plankhouse Log End work has been completed as follows:

  1. Bulk of the log end rot has been removed
  2. Log ends have been cleaned

However, there will now be a Phase 2, which was not part of the original plan.  However, due to the extent of the damage found they are recommending additional remediation efforts. After the first of the new year Phase 2 will kick off where a temporary cover for the log ends will be installed to allow them to dry so they can complete Phase 2 work, per below.  Once that is completed the temporary cover will be removed.

Phase 2 of the Plankhouse Log End work will include:

  1. Insert borate rods into the log ends to help eliminate moisture within
  2. Coat log ends with wood hardener
  3. Seal the log ends
  4. Install Copper Log End Caps, will be roughly 6 inches deep
  5. Install chinking where the log ends enter the side of the Plankhouse to eliminate moisture entering the building


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