Millions more earmarked for Northwest fish passage projects

  • The Coquille Indian Tribe will restore fish passage at four culvert and tide gate barriers in the Coquille River watershed. This will open significant habitat for threatened Oregon Coast coho, Coquille River fall Chinook, and Pacific lamprey—species that are culturally important to the Coquille Indian Tribe and the community of Coos Bay. The work will help reduce the impacts of climate change by providing functioning floodplains and upgrading a major road and tsunami evacuation route. ($4.2 million)

Northwest Sportsman – May 22, 2024

Press Release

Coquille Tribe to Launch First Tribal Distillery in Oregon

The Coquille Indian Tribe and the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) have authorized a landmark agreement for distillery liquor production and sales within its sovereign lands in Coos Bay.  The proposed distillery will be the first tribally owned spirit production enterprise in the state of Oregon. 

The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park, owned and operated by Coquille Economic Development Corporation, plans to feature a distillery producing several varieties of distilled spirits.  The casino will sell the products in its several bars, restaurants, and retail outlets. The Mill will also undergo the most significant renovation in a generation, adding to its already impressive bayfront footprint.  Revenue from the distillery and related retail operations will be distributed to the Tribe, which provides its 1,200 members with health care, education, and services in five Southern Oregon counties.

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Medford Casino Plan Moves Ahead, Again

It’s been nearly four years since the federal government said no to the Coquille Indian Tribe, denying its request to put a casino on land that the tribe owns in South Medford. The denial did not stick, and in spite of some opposition from other regional tribes, the process has resumed.

Earlier this month we spoke with representatives of the City of Medford, which was once opposed to the casino, but now are neutral.

Next up, Judy Farm, CEO of Tribal One, the Coquille tribe’s economic development arm, and Jen Procter Andrews, the vice-chair of the Coquille Tribe join the JX to talk about the project going forward.

Jefferson Public Radio – May 15, 2024

Beached whale offers rare cultural opportunity

For the Coquille Indian Tribe, the death of a juvenile gray whale following an orca attack has much deeper cultural significance. That is why the tribe offered to handle the taking and processing of the mammal off Tish-A-Tang Beach in Bandon, Oregon.

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Year of anniversaries for Coos Art Museum

The year 2024 will mark several anniversaries for the Coos Art Museum (CAM). A fixture of downtown Coos Bay, the CAM has served to foster the Southern Coast’s artistic community and provide arts education opportunities to residents of all ages since 1966. This will also mark the 10th year that the Coquille Tribe has provided sponsorship for the Maritime exhibition. One of the museum’s most popular yearly offerings, the Maritime show, ties art together with the intrinsic nautical culture of the South Coast.

The World Newspaper – February 13, 2024