All Things Salmon

For sustenance, industry or sport, salmon have had a profound influence on people and cultures. The impact of this powerful migratory fish can be seen in art works from prehistoric stone carvings through contemporary glass.

In a nationwide competition/exhibition, the Coos Art Museum focuses on the theme of salmon in contemporary art. This exhibition is funded in part by a grant from the Coquille Tribal Community Fund.

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A Focus on Tomorrow

A Focus on Tomorrow

The World newspaper’s 2017 “South Coast Strong” edition highlights The Coquille Tribe’s efforts to develop its business ventures and its people:

How to Build a Future — Federal contracting poses a ‘significant opportunity’ for the Coquille Tribe.

Cultivating Success — How the Kilkich Youth Corps prepares Tribal youth for the workplace. 

Other Ventures — The Coquille Indian Tribe and its business arm, the Coquille Economic Development Corp., have a diverse portfolio.